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Frequently Asked Questions


How many customers are allowed on the boat per trip?

We allow up to 3 customers on the boat per trip. Can we bait hooks, set lines, and net fish? Yes, you are encouraged to bait hooks, set lines, net fish, etc. The trips are far more enjoyable if everyone in the boat participates. We want this to be an educational trip as well. We will share techniques, presentations, tips and try to answer any questions that you may have during our trip. However, if something gets broken due to negligence or ends up going overboard, you may be responsible for replacing that item(example rod + reel combo = $150).


Can we change the time of the charter so that it better fits my schedule?

Yes, we can be flexible on most days. The only exception would be on days where I have both a morning and an evening charter booked. Walleye on Lake Erie tend to bite all day long. Often the best bite takes place in the middle of the day. Can we stay out longer or come in early? Extending your trip will run a rate of $50 per hour. I have no problems coming in early, but no money will be refunded.


Can we keep fishing after a limit has been caught?

No more than a legal limit of fish shall be in the boat at any given time. I do also have a no culling policy, so all fish that go into the livewell will count against the days catch and will not be taken out and released. Catch and immediate release fishing is allowed as long as no more than a limit of walleye is in the boat at any given time. It is very rare to find a charter service that practices catch and release. This is done to extend fishing time and so that the very small or very large fish are released. It is policy not to release any legal fish that is questionable as to if it will survive the process of catch and release. Our fisheries are a valuable resource that needs to be cared for and respected.


Should I tip?

Tips are greatly appreciated. If you feel that I went above and beyond to make the trip more enjoyable, then please tip what you feel is appropriate. 


Do you offer a fish guarantee?

Absolutely, However getting skunked should never be an issue, as I would rather reschedule or cancel a trip, rather than take clients out when chances of catching fish are slim. Lake Erie is an amazing walleye fishery. However, there are periods where fishing is extremely tough. Due to the fact that my charter business is not my main source of income, I do not feel pressure to fish during those slow periods. I will only take clients out when there is an extremely high chance of catching fish. If we fail to hook a fish I will be happy to offer a free return trip. The fish guarantee may be waived if the clients wish to go against the tactics and locations that I suggest. I also reserve the right to void this guarantee prior to any trip based on the conditions.


What happens if my trip is cancelled due to waves or bad weather?

I reserve the right to cancel trips at any time. I have both the training and experience to know when it is safe and when it is not. If there is any doubt as to the type of waves or weather that will be encountered that day I will cancel and the boat will stay on the trailer. I would rather stay home than risk getting stuck in some of the storms this area is known for. Anytime charters are cut short due waves or weather, the trip will be prorated so that you are only paying for your time on the water that day. If the day is cancelled prior to launch due to wind or weather, you will get a complete refund or the trip will be rescheduled. The idea here is to keep everyone safe and make the trip enjoyable.


What if I wish to cancel my trip?

All cancellations must be made 7 days in advance in order to receive a full refund on your deposit. Trips will be rescheduled if cancellations are made late, but a refund of the deposit will not be offered. What if someone gets sea sick? Please take every precaution if you know that you are prone to motion sickness. There are several over the counter medicines out there to relieve the symptoms. I have no problems running someone back in due to illness and continuing the charter. Unfortunately, I can not offer a refund if someone becomes ill and must cut their trip short.


Should I go fishing if I have a medical condition?

Fishing on Lake Erie is an adventure that does require some physical qualifications. Waves can grow in a matter of minutes on the bay and clients are subjected to the occasional rough ride in. I will take every precaution to prevent us getting caught in such a situation. However, rough water is also rough on the body. If you have a bad back, are on blood thinners, or have any other medical condition where your body may not be able to take pounding from waves, I would not advise fishing on the outer limits of Lake Erie  with possible weather changes in the forecast. However, there are areas that may be protected by the winds that still offer a great bite. 

Do we fish in the rain? 

We will fish in light rains, so please bring a rain suit. I will not fish in a downpour or a storm. Anytime there is thunder heard and/or lightening seen, the trip is automatically over and we are heading back to the dock ASAP. Lightening can travel great distances over water and it is not safe to be fishing with a graphite rod in your hand. After we are back at the dock we can assess the situation. If the storm has settled down or moved out of the area, the charter can resume. Trips cancelled partially through the day due to storms will be prorated for the appropriate dock to dock time and the fish guarantee will not be honored.


Do you clean the fish?

If facilities are available at the launch, I will be more than happy to clean your catch. I actually enjoy cleaning fish and will show you some tricks. However, if facilities are not available you will be required to clean your own catch. Please ask and consider where we are launching to determine whether or not you need to bring a cooler to take home your catch.


Can we drink alcohol while fishing?

Beer and wine is allowed aboard and may be consumed in moderation. No hard liquor is allowed. No glass bottles are allowed. You may only bring one drink per person, per hour fishing. So for a 6 hour trip, you may only bring 6 beers per person. Drunkenness is not allowed and may result in the trip being cancelled for the day. No money will be refunded and you will be required to wear the big orange life jacket until your feet touch dry land.


Is there a toilet on board?

There is no toilet onboard, but I do have a bucket. I also do supply toilet paper and bags. Please make preparations ahead of time. 

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